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Lessons 4 Everyone (Formerly: Math Plus Music 123) provides a wide range of Private + Group Lessons, Tutoring, Creative MusicMath + Reading Programs (Including GED Prep) for ALL Ages.

Each Class is uniquely designed to fit + support the Student's Learning Styles + Needs.

We Offer Uniquely Designed Programs + Lessons So that ALL Ages can:

Learn the Basics + Master Skills in their desired area of Study.

Students Have Fun while they: Create + Succeed Sharpen Their Brains / Develop Coordination / Apply with Success

We use Traditional and Non-traditional Supplements + Methods such as: Creative ArtsManipulatives, Visuals + Games ALL tailored to the Students Specific Learning Style, Needs + Goals


Sign-up for Private + Group Lessons for:

Piano/Keyboard / Voice / Acoustic Guitar / Ukulele /Child Music / Senior Music


Multi Sensory Math / Math Basics/ Word Problem Strategies / GED Prep


Multi Sensory Reading Help/ Grammar / Reading + Phonics Support / Spelling + Handwriting Strategies / GED Prep


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