Math Tutoring for EVERY Student: 
- Those Challenged by Learning Disabilities,
- Those Who Excel in Math But Need a Little Help
Music Lessons, By Themselves,
Are Often the Key to Success in Math + Language Arts

We Believe there is a Way to Help Everyone Enjoy Math &  Gain Mastery in Math.

We  Tailor Lessons to the Student's Particular Learning Style & Needs so That Students at Every Level

Gain Confidence & Mastery for Tests

&  with Everyday Practical Applications of Math .

We include Musical Enrichments in our Math + Reading Lessons, but, since Music Lessons Add to Success and Proficiency in Math,  We also Offer Music Lessons.

Yes, Music Lessons, by themselves, have been proven to Increase Math + Language Arts proficiency.

We Offer Music Lessons in Piano, Voice, Acoustic Guitar and Children's Musical Development.

About Teacher

I am  a NYS Permanantly Certified Teacher for Elementary Education (K-6)  & General Music K-12. 


I was a Math Major in College, but, switched to Music when I learned about the connections of Music to Achieving Proficiency in Math and Language Arts and to Healing.


I have been Teaching since 1974. I taught Elementary School General Music + Chorus in New York for 16 ys and I have also been teaching Piano / Voice / Guitar and Creative Music Privately and in Groups from from my home, at Church and Other venues since then.


I started Tutoring Math in 2014 and I am  finding my students enjoying math, excelling and gaining greater understanding and proficiency in Math. 

I tutoring Reading and Language Arts in the 1970's and recently found the way to use the Multisensory approach along with Musical Enrichment to help my Students. It is wonderful to see the quick results of these approaches.


For Math + Reading: I use the Award Winning Multisensory Programs by Demin Learning Called: Math-U-See and Spelling-U-See; Traditional Teaching Approaches, Touch Math, Creative Arts, Musical Enrichment & Games to Assist Students in Sharpening their Brains and Mastering Math + Language Arts Skills and Concepts. 


Music Lessons, by themselves, have been found to increase Proficiency in Math and Language Arts, so, I also offer Musical  Music Lessons.


My Passions are:


1. To Assist in Transforming Struggling  Students who don't see the point of Math or Language Concepts into Successful Confident Students who truly Understand what they are doing and why. It is wonderful to see them finally be able to Demonstrate how to use these vital skills in their everyday lives.  I aim to see them able to use Math or Language Arts concepts not just to get great scores, but, also so they can successfully and easily apply them in everyday life situations. (Ex: Budget Planning or in Decorating, Designing their homes; Filling out forms; Writing important Essays)


2. To assist Every Student in  Finding and Fully Expressing Their their God-given Musical Heart + Talents



Veronica Lekstutis
​Math/Reading Tutor & Music Teacher/Musician

NYS Lisensed Teacher

Veronica Lekstutis

44 years Teaching Experience

Private + Group Music Lessons

Math + Reading Tutoring

Multisensory Math + Reading*


Touch Math


GED Prep



Games + Resources for Math

Learning the Basics is Fun

Learning the Basics is Fun

Have Fun While Learning + Applying the Basics

Games + Worsheets

Games + Worsheets

Links to Games, Worksheets and Resources We Find Useful.

Creative Music

Creative Music

We Offer Creative Music Groups for ALL Ages. It's a Great way to Try out a wide Variety of Musical Expressions, Have Fun and Be made Ready to Study an instrument.

Piano and Guitar

Piano and Guitar

We Offer Private + Group Piano and Guitar Lessons as well as Vocal Lessons.

It's NEVER to Late to Learn

It's NEVER to Late to Learn

Creative Music Groups are Fun and Really help Build Focus and Keep Your Brain Alert. We Also Teach Private + Group Instrument + Vocal Lessons because it is never to late to learn.

Using Math u see blocks

Using Math u see blocks

We Use Math-U-See, and Other Multi Sensory Math Tools When Needed.

Creative Music ALL Agess

Creative Music ALL Agess

Our Creative Music Classes offer Fun ways and opportunities to play a wide variety of Instruments while exploring the Basics of Music.

Lessons 4 Everyone

Formerly (Math Plus Music 123)

Locations in:

Clearwater+ Dunedin, FL 34698

Some Classes in Palm Harbor + 

Other Areas of Pinellas County

Some Lessons also Available

Thru Zoom+ Skype

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