Private & Group Piano Lessons Resources and Links

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Here's 1 to start!!

Fur Elise - all 3 movements - Simpler Rhythm

Click the Rose to find our most recent publication: Fur Elise (with Simplified Rhythm with ALL themes!

Middle C Position Resources

Quiz  to Practice Relating Hands Finger #s + Letters

Flashcards to Practice Hand, Finger #'2 + Letters

Finger  Fun Games to Practice Letters + Finger Numbers

SONGS in Middle C Position NO Staff

If You're Happy and You Know it

Yes, Jesus Loves Me

The More We Get Together

Simplified Versions of "Senorita" for Children

Scroll to see 3 Resources for Playing Senorita

Click the Image to view or download the Pdf File

Senorita Simplified for Children Early I
Senorita Simplified for Children Advance
Preparing to Play Senorita Left Hand.jpg

Early Intermediate Version

Advanced Intermediate Version

Preparing the Left Hand to Play

Semi Simplified Waltz in B minor by Chop

This is Section A of the Piece. The Left hand has been simplified with Chord names and Root position actions. Look below for a link to find some warm-up Exercises.

Click the picture of Pdf

Semi Simplified

Waltz in B Minor 

by F Chopin

warm ups for Left Hand Waltz in B minor.

Explore using the root position chords used in thie piece by F Chopin.

Click the Picture to View the Pdf

Warm-ups for 

Left Hand for Waltz in B Minor by Chopin

Exploring B Harmonic Minor Chords with t

Left Hand will explore crearing a Root position Chord for each Note of the Harmonic B Minor Scale

Click the Picture to View the Pdf

Exploring the B Minor Harmonic Scale Chords

Simplified Versions of "The Entertainer Part 1" for

Advanced Beginner,  Early Intermediate + Intermediate

Scroll to see 3 Versions for Playing :The Entertainer

Click the Image to view or download the Pdf File

 Beginners Just Melody Version of "Raise a Hallelujah""

More Advanced Versions to come

IThey will be posted here when completed.

Click this to view of download the pdf File

Advanced Beginners Version of "Baby Shark Dance"

Easier Version of Baby Shark

It is a Score related to a popular Self-teach video on YouTube

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Learning the Basics is Fun

Learning the Basics is Fun

Have Fun While Learning + Applying the Basics

Games + Worsheets

Games + Worsheets

Links to Games, Worksheets and Resources We Find Useful.

Creative Music

Creative Music

We Offer Creative Music Groups for ALL Ages. It's a Great way to Try out a wide Variety of Musical Expressions, Have Fun and Be made Ready to Study an instrument.

Piano and Guitar

Piano and Guitar

We Offer Private + Group Piano and Guitar Lessons as well as Vocal Lessons.

It's NEVER to Late to Learn

It's NEVER to Late to Learn

Creative Music Groups are Fun and Really help Build Focus and Keep Your Brain Alert. We Also Teach Private + Group Instrument + Vocal Lessons because it is never to late to learn.

Using Math u see blocks

Using Math u see blocks

We Use Math-U-See, and Other Multi Sensory Math Tools When Needed.

Creative Music ALL Agess

Creative Music ALL Agess

Our Creative Music Classes offer Fun ways and opportunities to play a wide variety of Instruments while exploring the Basics of Music.

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