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Private & Group Piano Lessons Resources and Links

Soon You Can Scroll Around to Find Links to Helpful Resources

Here's 1 to start!!

Fur Elise - all 3 movements - Simpler Rhythm

Click the Rose to find our most recent publication: Fur Elise (with Simplified Rhythm with ALL themes!

Middle C Position Resources

MIDDLE C Position BOTH HANDS Finger and

Quiz  to Practice Relating Hands Finger #s + Letters

Flashcards to Practice Hand, Finger #'2 + Letters

Finger  Fun Games to Practice Letters + Finger Numbers

SONGS in Middle C Position NO Staff

If You're Happy and You Know it

Yes, Jesus Loves Me

The More We Get Together

Simplified Versions of "Senorita" for Children

Scroll to see 3 Resources for Playing Senorita

Click the Image to view or download the Pdf File

Senorita 1.jpg
Senorita Simplified for Children Early I
Senorita Simplified for Children Advance
Preparing to Play Senorita Left Hand.jpg

Early Intermediate Version

Advanced Intermediate Version

Preparing the Left Hand to Play

Semi Simplified Waltz in B minor by Chop

Semi Simplified

Waltz in B Minor 

by F Chopin

Click the picture of Pdf

This is Section A of the Piece. The Left hand has been simplified with Chord names and Root position actions. Look below for a link to find some warm-up Exercises.

warm ups for Left Hand Waltz in B minor.

Warm-ups for 

Left Hand for Waltz in B Minor by Chopin

Click the Picture to View the Pdf

Explore using the root position chords used in thie piece by F Chopin.

Exploring B Harmonic Minor Chords with t

Exploring the B Minor Harmonic Scale Chords

Click the Picture to View the Pdf

Left Hand will explore crearing a Root position Chord for each Note of the Harmonic B Minor Scale

Simplified Versions of "The Entertainer Part 1" for

Advanced Beginner,  Early Intermediate + Intermediate

Scroll to see 3 Versions for Playing :The Entertainer

Click the Image to view or download the Pdf File


Advanced Beginners Version of "Baby Shark Dance"

Easier Version of Baby Shark

It is a Score related to a popular Self-teach video on YouTube


 Beginners Just Melody Version of "Raise a Hallelujah""

More Advanced Versions to come

IThey will be posted here when completed.

Click this to view of download the pdf File

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