• MATH or Reading:

    • Bring any recent Tests, Books or Homework sheets​

  • MUSIC:​

    • Bring your Instrument (Exception Accoustic Piano - You will use ours)​

    • Bring any Books You have used (if any)



  • After Your Assessment Lesson we will Recommend Which Resources to Purchase: (We will send you a link to the Resources after your first lesson.)

    • Guitar/Uke -  Depending  on your Goals and Assessment

    • Voice – Usually Personally Crafted Lesson + Exercise Sheet

    • Creative Music - Usually Personally Crafted Lesson + Exercise Sheet

    • MATH – Usually Math-U-See Products – (we will tell you which ones)

    • Piano - Usually from the Alfred’s Basic Piano Library Series.

    • Reading – Usually Spelling-U-See Products – (we will tell you which ones)

  • Customized Sheets for all lessons

    • We Create Custom Tailored copyrighted Worksheets & Materials.

    • This Assists Us in Meeting Specific Learning Styles/Needs & Saves you money.

      • (An Occasional Donation to cover Paper + Ink would be appreciated, but, not necessary)

  • Links: We May Send you links to Useful/Relevant online Helps as we see they might assist with progress

  • YouTube: We often Use YouTube for:

    •  Listening/Learning a song

    • Practicing Math Facts

    • To Create Lesson Examples 

    • To PRIVATELY showcase a student’s progress

      • (these are coded so they can only be seen by those with the link)


TUITION    (Call for our current Pricing)

Be sure to Ask about our Home Schoolers & Family Discounts for Lessons)

 ( All Lessons for the Month are Paid At the First Lesson of the Month:

  • Group Lessons

    • 30 Min - K

    • (45 Min) Or (60 Min) 1st thru Adult

  • Private Lessons =

    • 30 Min - K

    • (45 Min) Or (60 Min) 1st thru Adult

  • 2 Lessons or more a week? 

    • (Call to Learn our Special Discount for 2 Lessons a week)

  • NO REFUNDS - We do not Refund the Monthly Tuition - We will work with you to Make up a lesson IF the missed lesson meets our Cancellation Policy

    •  Cancellation Policy: With 24 Hour Notice (due to Sickness only) we will do our best to arrange a “make up” within the same month*  

      • *Sorry, Make-up sessions can not be carried forward to the next month.

    • Please Pay by Cash or Check:

      • Make checks payable to: ”Veronica Lekstutis”



  • Math or Reading: Bring Your Assigned Books + Homework– (We will have the other resources in the classroom)

  • Music: Brink your Assigned Books +  Instrument  (exception – Acoustic Piano lessons - use Our Piano here)

  • ALL: 3-ring Loose-leaf  Binder to keep Assignments & Lesson pages in

  • Pencil with Eraser

  • We will give you a  list of any other specific accessories needed at the first lesson



(Practice Assigned Materials = 10-15 Min: 5 Days a week)

 To make good progress, it is highly recommended that:  you come for lessons regularly and practice your assignment at least 10-15 Minutes a day 4 to 5 days a week. (Exception: Kindergarten – Perhaps 5 min a day)

If you don’t think that would work out for you, you might want to hold off taking lessons until your schedule permits.

NYS Lisensed Teacher

Veronica Lekstutis

44 years Teaching Experience

Private + Group Music Lessons

Math + Reading Tutoring

Multisensory Math + Reading*


Touch Math


GED Prep



Games + Resources for Math

Learning the Basics is Fun

Learning the Basics is Fun

Have Fun While Learning + Applying the Basics

Games + Worsheets

Games + Worsheets

Links to Games, Worksheets and Resources We Find Useful.

Creative Music

Creative Music

We Offer Creative Music Groups for ALL Ages. It's a Great way to Try out a wide Variety of Musical Expressions, Have Fun and Be made Ready to Study an instrument.

Piano and Guitar

Piano and Guitar

We Offer Private + Group Piano and Guitar Lessons as well as Vocal Lessons.

It's NEVER to Late to Learn

It's NEVER to Late to Learn

Creative Music Groups are Fun and Really help Build Focus and Keep Your Brain Alert. We Also Teach Private + Group Instrument + Vocal Lessons because it is never to late to learn.

Using Math u see blocks

Using Math u see blocks

We Use Math-U-See, and Other Multi Sensory Math Tools When Needed.

Creative Music ALL Agess

Creative Music ALL Agess

Our Creative Music Classes offer Fun ways and opportunities to play a wide variety of Instruments while exploring the Basics of Music.

Lessons 4 Everyone

Formerly (Math Plus Music 123)

Locations in:

Clearwater+ Dunedin, FL 34698

Some Classes in Palm Harbor + 

Other Areas of Pinellas County

Some Lessons also Available

Thru Zoom+ Skype

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