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  • MATH or Reading:

    • Bring any recent Tests, Books or Homework sheets​

  • MUSIC:​

    • Bring your Instrument (Exception Accoustic Piano - You will use ours)​

    • Bring any Books You have used (if any)



  • After Your Assessment Lesson we will Recommend Which Resources to Purchase: (We will send you a link to the Resources after your first lesson.)

    • Guitar/Uke -  Depending  on your Goals and Assessment

    • Voice – Usually Personally Crafted Lesson + Exercise Sheet

    • Creative Music - Usually Personally Crafted Lesson + Exercise Sheet

    • MATH – Usually Math-U-See Products – (we will tell you which ones)

    • Piano - Usually from the Alfred’s Basic Piano Library Series.

    • Reading – Usually Spelling-U-See Products – (we will tell you which ones)

  • Customized Sheets for all lessons

    • We Create Custom Tailored copyrighted Worksheets & Materials.

    • This Assists Us in Meeting Specific Learning Styles/Needs & Saves you money.

      • (An Occasional Donation to cover Paper + Ink would be appreciated, but, not necessary)

  • Links: We May Send you links to Useful/Relevant online Helps as we see they might assist with progress

  • YouTube: We often Use YouTube for:

    •  Listening/Learning a song

    • Practicing Math Facts

    • To Create Lesson Examples 

    • To PRIVATELY showcase a student’s progress

      • (these are coded so they can only be seen by those with the link)


TUITION    (Call for our current Pricing)

Be sure to Ask about our Home Schoolers & Family Discounts for Lessons)

 ( All Lessons for the Month are Paid At the First Lesson of the Month:

  • Group Lessons

    • 30 Min - K

    • (45 Min) Or (60 Min) 1st thru Adult

  • Private Lessons =

    • 30 Min - K

    • (45 Min) Or (60 Min) 1st thru Adult

  • 2 Lessons or more a week? 

    • (Call to Learn our Special Discount for 2 Lessons a week)

  • NO REFUNDS - We do not Refund the Monthly Tuition - We will work with you to Make up a lesson IF the missed lesson meets our Cancellation Policy

    •  Cancellation Policy: With 24 Hour Notice (due to Sickness only) we will do our best to arrange a “make up” within the same month*  

      • *Sorry, Make-up sessions can not be carried forward to the next month.

    • Please Pay by Cash or Check:

      • Make checks payable to: ”Veronica Lekstutis”



  • Math or Reading: Bring Your Assigned Books + Homework– (We will have the other resources in the classroom)

  • Music: Brink your Assigned Books +  Instrument  (exception – Acoustic Piano lessons - use Our Piano here)

  • ALL: 3-ring Loose-leaf  Binder to keep Assignments & Lesson pages in

  • Pencil with Eraser

  • We will give you a  list of any other specific accessories needed at the first lesson



(Practice Assigned Materials = 10-15 Min: 5 Days a week)

 To make good progress, it is highly recommended that:  you come for lessons regularly and practice your assignment at least 10-15 Minutes a day 4 to 5 days a week. (Exception: Kindergarten – Perhaps 5 min a day)

If you don’t think that would work out for you, you might want to hold off taking lessons until your schedule permits.

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